Get the skinny on SkinnyTeaUSA™ in this skinny tea FAQ.

 The best place to get started getting skinny!


Where are you located?

We are located in America, Florida to be precise.

Can I drink myself skinny by consuming SkinnyTeaUSA™?

Drinking yourself skinny is perhaps the equivalent of drinking yourself muscular by just consuming protein supplements. Without a proper nutritional plan and exercise regiment you will not maximize the results you can attain with SkinnyTeaUSA™.  SkinnyTeaUSA™ is the tune up by replacing spark plugs (energy) and engine oil (detox) which enhances the fuel (nutrition) and boosts the engine (exercise) your vehicle (body) will use to take you to your fabulous destination (fitness).

Is SkinnyTeaUSA™ safe?

SkinnyTeaUSA™ can be used safely by the majority of consumers. There is a common misconception that natural and organic products are automatically harmless in all circumstances. While all of our skinny tea ingredients are sourced from organic vendors, are chemicals and gluten free, The SkinnyTeaUSA™ Energizing and Cleansing blends contain powerful botanical agents that can interact antagonistically with some prescription medications or physiological predispositions. Any product can be abused if used improperly. The cleansing blends are especially powerful and can be detrimental to your digestive system if abused. Please follow the directions for use provided and consult your physician before adopting SkinnyTeaUSA™ products.

What are the ingredients and what are their benefits?

We have linked to external resources to illustrate what other health professionals have to say about the ingredients. Click on the ingredient to go to the original article.
The Energizing Blend contains:
Acai Powder

Lindsey Duncan, ND, CN states that acai’s contains a super-powerful antioxidant called anthocyanin, which generates acai’s free-radical and age-fighting powers. She also states that acai has far more antioxydants than any other food hundreds of times higher than average fruits like apples and bananas. Acai berry contain more protein than an egg per gram, and helps improve the look and texture of your hair, skin and nails.

Gogi Powder

WebMD claims that Goji berries powerful antioxidants may help prevent cancer and other illnesses, including heart disease. These antioxidants may also boost the immune system and lower cholesterol.

Green Tea

WebMD suggests that several studies point to green tea as abdominal fat burning stimulator and its catechins contents may have an effect on metabolism.


Tim Ferriss states that Yerba Mate helps weight loss by decreasing the pancreatic lipase enzyme and accelerating digestion.


Dandelion increases energy and helps reduce excess water bloat while also reducing susceptibility to stress according to doctoroz.com.

Ashwaganda Root

… Another adaptogen (stress reducer) Ashwanganda (Withania somnifera) helps the body fight stress by curbing the production of the fight-or-flight response stress hormones according to doctoroz.com

Lemon Grass

From WebMD Lemongrass uses include: digestive tract spasms, stomachache, high blood pressure, convulsions, pain, vomiting, cough, achy joints (rheumatism), fever, the common cold, and exhaustion.

Celery Leaf

Celery leaves contain at least 1/3 of the 1,000 to 1,200 milligrams daily calcium requirements to maintain bone strenght according to livestrong.com


Ginseng is used for cognition, stamina, and endurance according to webmd.com

The Cleasing Blend contains:
Senna fruit powder

WebMD describes Senna as an FDA-approved nonprescription laxative used to fight constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoids and to clean the bowels.

Frangula Bark

Alder buckthorn is used as a laxative, as a tonic, and as an ingredient in the Hoxsey cancer formula.

Centaurea Cyanus Flower

People take cornflower tea to treat fever, constipation, water retention, and chest congestion. They also take it as a tonic, bitter, and liver and gallbladder stimulant.

Antennaria Dioica Flower

There is some evidence from animal experiments that cat’s foot might relieve intestinal spasms and increase bile flow.

Birch Leaf

Birch is used for infections of the urinary tract that affect the kidney, bladder, ureters, and urethra. It is also used as a diuretic to increase urine output. Some people take birch along with lots of fluids for “irrigation therapy” to flush out the urinary tract.

Elder Flower

Some people use American elder as a “purifier” that empties the bowels. It is also used to rid the body of extra fluid by increasing urine production (as a diuretic)

Chamomile Flower

German chamomile is used for intestinal gas… nervous diarrhea…. restlessness, and trouble sleeping. It is also used for digestive system disorders…

Hawthorn Berry Extract

Some people use hawthorn for digestive system complaints such as indigestion, diarrhea, and stomach pain.


Barley is used for lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and for promoting weight loss. It is also used for digestive complaints including diarrhea, stomach pain, and inflammatory bowel conditions. Some people use barley for increasing strength and endurance.

Black Psyllium

Black psyllium adds bulk to the stool which might help with constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome. It also increases the elimination of cholesterol from the body before it can be absorbed and enter the bloodstream.

Rhubarb Root

Rhubarb is used primarily for digestive complaints including constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, stomach pain, gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding, and preparation for certain GI diagnostic procedures.

I am new to the SkinnyTeaUSA™ brand.  Where do I start?

We recommend starting with the 1 week skinny tea cycle to gauge your body’s response to the program. While you’ll get less dramatic results you’ll be easing your way into the program.  We will gladly issue you a 10% discount towards the 3 week skinny tea cycle, to make up for the price difference between buying a 1 week skinny tea cycle and a 3 week skinny tea cycle as opposed to buying a 4 week skinny tea cycle outright as long as both orders are placed within 30 days of each other.
We have also introduced a free sample of the Cleansing Blend teabag. We highly suggest ordering it if you are concerned about the effects of the laxatives on your digestive system.

Where can I purchase SkinnyTeaUSA™?

SkinnyTeaUSA™ is available at our online store. We are also exploring retail and distribution options to make our products easier to obtain for our customers who prefer to shop in brick and mortar facilities.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and American Express through Paypal. You can either pay with your Paypal account or select one of the major credit cards at checkout. Paypal is one of the more secure forms of online payment processing and that also means that we do not store your credit card information. We will soon add Google checkout.

7. There are other skinny tea products on the market why should I purchase SkinnyTeaUSA™ products?

SkinnyTeaUSA™ is the original American producer and as of posting date, the only US based company specializing in the weight management skinny tea category.

  • SkinnyTeaUSA™ blends are carefuly combined for maximum results with minimal side effects.
  • SkinnyTeaUSA™ blends are packaged in FDA approved food grade pouches.
  • SkinnyTeaUSA™ blends come from certified organic herbs.
  • We follow the guidelines of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA).
  • We are also a domestic company from the point of view of customs thereby reducing shipping times, the chances of your shipment getting lost or being held at customs.
  • Ultra responsive Customer Service is an additional benefit of dealing locally.
  • Supporting the local economy doesn’t hurt either.



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