SkinnyTeaUSA™ Lifestyle Suggestions

SkinnyTeaUSA™ will only create mediocre results if you do not integrate its use with a daily exercise and healthy eating lifestyle. Please follow the suggestions offered below to maximize your results. SkinnyTeaUSA™ does not provide medical advice.

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  • Consult your physician before starting any type of dietary supplementation including SkinnyTeaUSA ™
  • Keep your body hydrated with plenty of water and electrolytes. Coconut water is a great natural source of electrolytes.
  • There are also several commercial brands of mass-produced electrolyte solutions widely available.
  • Exercise regularly 3-5 times per week and integrate resistance training as well as cardio training into your regiment.
  • Eat multiple, spaced out, balanced meals constituted of as little processed food as possible and replace red meat (beef etc) with as much white meat as possible (chicken, fish, turkey)
  • Feel free to enhance either of the SkinnyTeaUSA™ blends flavors with natural flavorings such as honey, lemons and soy milk.
  • Make provisions for restroom breaks after 12 hours of consuming the SkinnyTeaUSA™ Cleansing Blend.
  • If the SkinnyTeaUSA™ Cleansing Blend 3-5 minutes infusion period does not induce a laxative effect within 24 hours, increase the next infusion period to 10 minutes.
  • Alternatively consuming the loose leaves as well is a great way to maximize your results.
  • You can also decrease the SkinnyTeaUSA™ Cleansing Blend infusion period to 1 minute if you are particularly susceptible to laxatives or have sensitive bowels.
  • You can discontinue using either SkinnyTeaUSA™ blend if mild discomfort regularly follows their consumption.
  • If you develop symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or prolonged diarrhea STOP using SkinnyTeaUSA™ immediately & consult your physician.
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