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SkinnyTeaUSA™ free skinny tea samples.

Thank you for your interest in our free skinny tea samples.  We want you to have an opportunity to try our products for yourself before you purchase. We offer free skinny tea samples for consumers as well as business interested in carrying our lines of products in their stores.


We are offering one tea bag of the Cleansing Blend at $0.01 plus shipping and handling.  (We cannot charge a value of $0). Limit 1 per household. This, along with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee, is a preventative measure aimed at ensuring that consumers get an opportunity to test our products with their unique physiological makeup. If you are a consumer looking to try our free sample please click here.


We are offering the 1 Week Cycle as a free sample for businesses interested in carrying our brand in their stores. Please fill out the retail page form and we will contact you after verification. Please note that the email provided must be a corporate email and that the delivery address must match the business registration number.

To prevent abuse we have instituted the full payment policy outlined as follows: You will be charged the full amount for the 1 Week Cycle, once verification has been successfully completed we will fully reimburse you.

If you are a business operator:
1) First fill out the form on our retail page
2) then select the 1 Week Cycle from the store
3) and in the special instruction box state:”Business Sample Request” followed by the business name.
We will contact you within a week by email to confirm your request and issue you a full refund.

If for any reason your business does not qualify to carry our products or we are not able to resolve verification issues we will issue you a full refund once the returned products have been received within 30 days of shipment.


If you are an influencer we want to hear from you. If you write for a blog or run an influential social media account, we will send you our 1 Week Cycle.

We require one of the following:
A personal blog with 100+ visitors/day
Instagram account with 500+ followers
Facebook account with 500+ friends
Facebook page with 500+ likes
Twitter account with 1,000+ followers
If you qualify under the outlined requirements above please email

Please provide:
1) A link to your site or social account.
2) A brief statement about why reviewing our products matter to you.
We will contact you within 3-5 business days.
If you want to expedite the process of receiving a review sample you can follow the product request steps outlined above for businesses. Please substitute “Product Review Request” for “Business Sample Request” in step 2. Please note that if your credentials do not meet the requirements listed above you will only receive a full refund once the product has been returned.

Smoothie Sample

Starting April 1st we will be shipping a free smoothie mix sample with each paid order, free sample excluded, as part of the redesigned new and improved SkinnyTeaUSA™ 2.0 program.

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