Weight loss tea and exercise.

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This is part 1 of a 10 part series about using weight loss tea and more specifically SkinnyTeaUSA™ skinny tea  in order to shed unwanted pounds. None of the  statements that follow should be considered medical advice.

complete planWeight loss tea and exercise.

There are many brands of weight loss tea out there that claim to help people lose weight just by virtue of consuming the product. We are not one of these companies.

We actually believe that expecting consumers to lose weight just by drinking our tea is the equivalent of expecting a weight lifter to gain muscle just be drinking a protein supplement. The reality is that it just doesn’t happen that way and if it did, all the gains would be lost right after the conclusion of the cycle.

Losing weight can be accomplished in many ways, some are healthy, many more can be unhealthy and downright dangerous. Weight loss teas can help if they are part of a healthy nutritional and exercise program, not the centerpiece.

Many weight loss teas rely exclusively on diuretics and/or laxatives to generate quick water weight loss through dehydration. Most of the weight loss is usually short lived as the dieters bodies readjust to normal conditions at the end of the weight loss tea regimen. SkinnyTeaUSA™ does contain mild diuretics and laxatives as part of the detox portion of the weight loss program but it is in no way the exclusive component or even the prominent aspect. We will address the detox portion of our program in a later article.

SkinnyTeaUSA™ works best as part of a holistic multi-pronged weight loss system requiring proper nutrition and exercise as catalysts for enduring results.

A recent study on the effect of green tea, which is one of the SkinnyTeaUSA™ ingredients, entitled: “The effects of green tea consumption and resistance training on body composition and resting metabolic rate in overweight or obese women.” indicates just that fact. The research was conducted with four groups of women with group 1 taking a placebo, group 2 green tea , group 3 green tea and engaging in resistance training and group 4 taking  a placebo as well as participating in resistance training. Their results showed that although group 1 showed some improvement group 3 made the most progress in “decreasing body fat, waist circumference, and triacylglyceride levels and by increasing lean body mass and muscle strength.”

A weight loss tea that does not include proper nutrition and exercise as part of its weight management program is bound to create short lived results. The benefits of exercise beyond physical health are just too numerous for us not to integrate it in the SkinnyTeaUSA™ plan.

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